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 Bake by Estelle – About

Setting out on a new adventure can sometimes lead to the fulfilment of a lifelong dream. That willingness to take risks, to be creative and innovative and the ability to see that there is more in this world than you first thought. That is what brought me to baking and it is hopefully, what brought you to me.

A little bit about me

I was born on the small island of Martinique. A beautiful paradise where the life is slow, the food is incredible, and the people are family. Naturally, people always ask me “why did you leave?”. Why does anyone leave their home? To discover the world, of course, and to see what I could squeeze out of life. It turns out there is much more than I could ever have imagined.

While I seIled in the UK, my job over the last 12 years has been as an air hostess. I travelled, I discovered new cultures, I sampled the best food the world has to offer and I learned about how food can unite.

But why baking?

Bake by Estelle was a natural step from my travel industry background. I was already a qualified pastry chef, so the skill was there. I just needed the incentive to follow that new dream. It wasn’t a hard decision to make when I saw the joy that my baking brought to people.

Since I made the move into the world of baking, I have advanced my bread making skills and widened my range of baked goods. My specialties  include decorative cakes for all occasions and delicious flaky pastries that are both sweet and savoury – all made from my kitchen and all injected with a little bit of Martinique love.

What’s next for me?

I am not stopping here. My dream is to open my own artisan bakery here in London and by buying just one of my bakes, you are bringing me just a liIle closer to that dream. Adventures never stop – they just get bigger.